Buffalo Ornate

-Multidisciplinary Artist and Designer

I explore perceptual space and create illusory scenarios of intrigue through the vehicles of shape, color and line.
As the body requires food, the brain requires visual stimulation. I offer the viewer an opportunity for  visual subsistence– a way to indulge the part of the brain which hungers for optical invigoration and excitement. Humans constantly and ceaselessly perform billions of perceptive actions per second, which translates into an acceptable or confusing sensory capture. The eyes are the chief informant of this input, and I encourage the viewer to reflect, moreover–  to ruminate about what constitutes reality in the visual field. Especially when presented with the logical absurdities which are optical illusions.

                                    -Buffalo Ornate 2022


Buffalo.Ornate@gmail.com (studio)

lmnl.works@gmail.com (public)